MILTON KEYNES WALK is promoting Milton Keynes as a whole but more importantly local landscapes and surroundings to help Milton Keynes citizens to know more about their town and what it has to offer. We cannot talk about Milton Keynes without looking at its birth story from the small village to be one of the fastest growing city in Europe.

The History of Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes first became a site on a map on Thursday 13th January 1967. Prior to that everything about it was nebulous. Clouds of uncertainty hung over its location, its form, its timing and its financing. Many doubted whether it would be built at all. The clouds were finally blown away by Richard Crossman MP, Minister of Housing and Local Government in Harold Wilson’s first Labour Government. Crossman held a press briefing in the Whitewall at which the Ministry produced a map depicting the boundary of the future city. Crossman predicted then the North Bucks project would be bigger than any previous new town and would one day be lived by a quarter of a million people. There we are 50 years later and the new city cannot stop growing breaking record employment figures and the best place to live, to raise young families and to do business.

The Idea Behind the Walk

Promoting a walk to celebrate MK’s own success story will be very attractive to people who may not be used to walking or exploring the countryside. One can get lost, the participants can walk at their own pace, may meet new friends and learn more about the local area. There are a lot of benefits besides what has been already mentioned.  There is also the opportunity for participants to raise money for a chosen charity or cause.