Enter Events

The event will take place in spring time on the 1st of April 2017. We plan to start the walk at 10am and finish around 3pm. The itinerary will be 10 miles long walk around the city centre using the redways. Please see the map on our home page.
We will depart from:

  • Milton Keynes Central station
  • British Network Rail
  • Wymbush
  • Heelands redways
  • Linford Wood
  • Neath Hill
  • Pennyland
  • Willen Park
  • Alongside river Ouse
  • Woolstone
  • Woughton on the Green
  • MK Hospital
  • Eaglestone
  • Leadenhall
  • Oldbrook
  • Winterhill
  • Central Milton Keynes Station

We are expecting 1000 to 5000 participants and the event is open to all age groups.

  • Group 1  £3 entry under 20
  • Group 2 £10 entry over 20

The participants could enter any of the three categories depending how many miles they can be comfortable with for health reasons

  • 3-5 miles walk
  • 5-7 miles walk
  • 7-10 miles walk

At the start of the event we are planning refreshments, face painting, first aid, foot massage and toilets. There will be some entertainment such as live music to create a kind of carnival atmosphere. We are planning to devise starting time in three parts with the faster walkers in front of the queue, more leisurely walkers at the back to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience.
The participants will be released in stages. We need stewards for checks points to provide refreshments mobile toilets, encourage walkers, checking on walkers’ wellbeing and give out official stickers and stamp.
Who will be involved?

  • Milton Keynes citizens
  • Businesses
  • Open to every age group
  • People living in surrounding areas of Milton Keynes
  • Local authorities

Communication in advance
We will put together a communication strategy to potential walkers to know about where and when to turn up. What the event is about, public transport, how to get to the start, a description of the route, its accessibility, length and difficulty, suggestions what to bring and wear depending on the weather condition.

  • Publicity
  • Pre-event material sent out
  • Registration form
  • Sponsorship form

On the day

  • Info pack/sheet
  • Map and phone number to contact the event control team
  • Signs to show directions itinerary
  • Download Milton Keynes map App on your phone
  • Download STRAVA App also to calculate how many miles you covered

After the event

    • A well done certificate
    • Thanks for their effort and achievement
    • Press release to raise awareness and congratulate the participants and everyone involved
    • Reminder to send in sponsorship monies raised
    • It will take 2-3 hours to dismantle and clear up